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Keep Your Child’s Teeth Happy and Healthy!

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children have their first visit to the dentist by age 1? They also stress the importance of a routine checkup every 6 months.

Dental health is vital to a child’s growth and development, and it’s important that you, as a parent, find a trustworthy dentist who will thoroughly handle your child’s care with compassion and professionalism. At StoneCreek Dental Care, we guarantee nothing but the best. Whether it’s a regular cleaning, cavity filling, or tooth removal, you can rest assured that your little one’s perfect smile is in good hands.

5 Common Myths About Children’s Teeth

  1. Baby Teeth Aren’t Important.
    Some parents make the mistake of thinking that oral care for baby teeth isn’t as important because they’re just going to fall out anyway. This is not true! The health of your child’s baby teeth could affect the health of his or her adult teeth. Also, dental decay in baby teeth can cause swelling, pain, infection, or worse. So keep those baby teeth clean!
  2. Bad Genes Cause My Kid’s Cavities.
    While genes can play a role in oral health, it’s very small. Nearly 100% of the time, cavities can be prevented, regardless of genetics.
  3. My Child Has Cavities Because Of Soft Teeth.
    No so! In fact, there is no such thing as “soft teeth.” If your child has cavities, the number one probably cause is poor oral health.
  4. Fluoride Isn’t Safe For My Child!
    While some people feel that fluoride is unsafe for anyone to consume, the opposite is actually true. There have been numerous studies on the safety and effectiveness of fluoride, and overwhelming evidence states that when consumed properly, fluoride can greatly contribute to your oral health and help fight against tooth decay.
  5. My Child Doesn’t Have To Floss Yet.
    Flossing is crucial in preventing cavities and other dental problems. Once your child’s teeth are touching, it’s time to start flossing!
    If you have any questions regarding our Pediatric services, please feel free to contact the nearest StoneCreek Dental Care office.



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