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General Dentistry

Routine Exams, X-Rays and Cleanings

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is a crucial aspect to your overall well being. Along with brushing and flossing, The American Dental Association recommends a regular check-up and cleaning every six months for optimum oral health. Regular cleanings help protect against tooth decay and cavities, and they are the best way to catch and resolve any potential dental issues before they become a critical concern.

Cavity Prevention and Treatment

Plaque, a substance containing bacteria that forms on the surface of teeth, is the main cause of tooth decay. It erodes the shiny, hard outer layer of teeth called enamel and causes cavities. You can remove some of the plaque yourself by brushing and flossing but only a dentist or a dental hygienist can remove the hardened, stone-like plaque.

Cancer Screenings

At StoneCreek Dental Care, your dentist can detect life threatening
diseases, such as oral cancer, during your routine cleaning and check up,

Snoring / Sleep Apnea Relief

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about the custom-fabricated dental device that can help you combat snoring and sleep apnea. StoneCreek Dental Care can share with you all of your options, often
without the necessity of pesky machines that make it hard to sleep.

TMJ Treatment

You deserve a peaceful night’s sleep and a comfortable mouth and jaw. Get comfort and relieve the jaw pain and those pesky headaches by combating your clinching and grinding habit head on.


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